You should know

I didn’t live in fear of someone finding out, but it was low on my list of things I’d like others to know about me; about her. She was what she was. Mom always told me “you can’t hope to change someone.”

She was better than that world. She knew it too. The love between us wouldn’t be denied by status or profession, besides, I knew where all of her nights ended.

New mail was no longer worthy of extreme interest, but this was Tommy, my only brother, the prototypical youngest child and constant seeker of approval.

You should know

The subject line pushed me back from the screen. He knew. The embedded video confirmed his knowledge. Faced with what I already knew to be true I stopped the video after I knew the who and what.

What was his angle? Protection of family or something more vengeful? The trickster brother strikes again and she returned to me last night aware of no transgression. No fault for her. I knew the hypocrisy that could come and waved it off.

Fault only lies with those who know what they do.

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