Party of one

The doorbell rang. I looked up from my book. Strange, I wasn’t expecting anyone. I made my way to the front door to see two police officers standing on the porch. My heart dropped as I opened the door.
“Hello ma’am, are you Mrs. Keller?”
I nodded slowly “Yes, officer, I am. Why?”
The two men exchanged a look and finally the taller one took a breath and the words that followed changed my world forever.
“Ma’am I’m sorry to have to tell you this but your husband was in a car crash today. He didn’t make it.”
And that’s the exact moment my heart stopped beating.
“What do you mean?” I said a little too loudly. “There must be some mistake, I just talked to him at lunchtime. He was coming home early.”
I did talk to him at lunch. We discussed our anniversary dinner for the night. He was going to leave work an hour early so we could catch the ferry to Seattle and have a lovely dinner at a fancy seafood restaurant. He couldn’t be dead; we had reservations, so obviously these men were mistaken. We had reservations.

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