Pinestein's folly

Poison Ivy slithered along the corridor, rustling softly as she skated over ventilation gratings. Behind her, his eyes still wide with awe, walked Timmy, the young boy who had won the science journalism competition. He was on his way to claim his prize — a visit to Pinestein’s laboratory to meet the great tree scientist himself.
“I can’t believe I’m here!” he said for the umpteenth time. Poison Ivy permitted herself a smile, knowing that humans couldn’t read creepers’s facial expressions.
“Well,” she sussurated, “Pinestein is looking forward to meeting you too. A word of warning though; he’ll look ferocious when he opens his mouth, all apples are the same. Don’t be scared of that, he can’t eat you. Be wary of touching him however, he’s currently got mistletoe and it’s very contagious and transmissible to humans.” She laughed. “It’s actually true that his bark is worse than his bite!”
She opened the door to the lab, and ushered Timmy in.
“An Ent!” he cried delightedly, instantly enraging Pinestein.

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