Picture Perfect Love

I saw her coming out of ULTA. There was my perfect chance. She was lovely from head to toe and I found her tan eyes to be her best feature. I walked to ULTA and stepped in the store. I planned to buy the perfume she wanted to buy. Ralph Lauren. This stuff smelled gave me a headache and like cat pee, but if she wanted it, she would have it. Yolanda Grace was the most beautiful woman in my world. Although I still lived with my brother, I would have her. I still had a good job, but my boss always gets frustrated with me. I couldn’t do anything right. All my life, doctors told my brother “He will never be able to live on his own”, but I would find a way to start a life with this beautiful woman. I’d seen her a week ago, at the subway. She was getting on a bus headed to New York. I bought the perfume and followed her to Burger King. I sneaked in while she was ordering and saw her coach bag. I slipped the gift wrapped perfume in her bag and place flowers next to it. I placed card there and left the restaurant.

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