Partial Transcript - Patient Interview

Before we begin, I should say that I am aware that I am insane. That is why I am here. If you had seen the things I have seen, you would be insane, too. It’s funny, really. In some ways, I am glad I am insane. I would not want to know what I know without the comfort that insanity brings me.

I may seem rational now, but I was just as rational when they dragged me from my apartment. Well, yes, I was screaming, but I was perfectly in control of myself. Hysteria never entered into it.

…what was I…? Ah yes. I am completely in control of my senses. You could say that is the problem. My senses detect things beyond what others can.

You believe we are alone in this room. I assure you that is not the case. There is something in this room with us. It is waiting for you to leave. Then it will begin again.

It will not leave me alone. I am never alone. Stay back. Back!

I apologize. Give me a moment to catch my breath.

Wait. Stay. Don’t leave me alone with it! P-please! Ia!

Please, do not leave.


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