The dark land

I awoke from my deep slumber to the sounds of men shouting.
I walked to the window and looked out into the eternal darkness and saw the outline of men fighting. Our walls were breached and the enemy was upon us.
Just then my lady in waiting rushed in.
“Hurry, my lady, you must get dressed.”
“Surely you do not expect me to leave my people?” I questioned her.
“My lady, you must think of not only yourself but of all future generations. They need a leader.”
I touched my belly protectively. Inside me lived the future king and if the legends were true, he would be the one to save our people and lead them into the light. I had to live for my baby.
Soon I was dressed and running through the secret tunnels.
We emerged into the forest only to find my brother.
“William!” I exclaimed. “What are you doing here?”
He eyed me cooley. “Waiting for you.”
Hope crossed my face. “To protect us?”
I didn’t even feel as his blade sliced through my body.
“Something like that.” were the last words I heard before the darkness took me.

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