I do what they tell me

The voices have always been there. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe they are real. The results are real. I had no choice but to do what they told me, they just wouldn’t stop.

When I try to sleep is the worst, whispers like a distant TV you can’t tune out. Sometimes they spoke right to me and sometimes they were like a radio play oblivious to me.

I did a few terrible things before I found the pictures, before I learned how to use the power. I’m sure none of it is really happening in the past but I can’t be sure about the future. Maybe I am not going through time, maybe I’m just entering the photos and paintings.

It doesn’t matter because I am making things right but I still do some terrible things. I have killed and beaten those I was told to in various times. I have saved and helped in other times.

At night when I have gone back or forward and done the right things that day the voices are quiet and I can sleep. My dreams are dark and violent but they fade in the morning light. Then the voices start again…

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