We sat in near-silence for a long moment, staring and trying to make sense of the symbols.

“They look… familiar somehow,” was my first thought. “Like I’ve seen them before, but I’m sure I haven’t.”
Harrigan looked up, a printout from a thick stack in front of him.
“That’s no surprise to me. You ended that beast of a code machine with them.”
I took the thin sheet from him and peered at it. It was covered in custom-defined code, symbols that I vaguely remembered intending to fully define as official cartographic symbology but never got round to doing.

“But what do they mean,” was my initial thought, “why are they here? My mind has nothing to do with the outside world!”
Exasperated, I tossed the sheet back onto the worktop. Maybe if I examined the code from a long way further up, at the points where I defined the extra symbols… Harrigan tapped me on the shoulder.
“Think of it this way. It’s got to be the most complex, most beautiful statement you could describe in twelve symbols.”

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