Square Garden

Square Garden was no longer a quiete suburban area. It had evolved into something much more over the past few months. What was once a sanctuary for young newlyweds was now a gossiping city ran mad with spiteful rumors and tricks.
The poor housewives of the town no longer spilled their secrets to each other. Any word spoken now, could easily be turned against them. Their best of friends were now enemies, just waiting to hear someone slip up on their words.
It had all started with Georgina Watkins during the weekly garden club meetings…after she admitted to having an affair with the notorious Mr. Ashtar, all hell broke loose. A certain spy amongst the women released this news to the public, and in turn Georgina tried to cover her skin by spilling secrets of others.
Soon the small town was overcrowded with ghastly rumors…

It was a fool who said stick and stones may break thy bones, but words may never hurt thee.
After all, it was words that destroyed the small town of Square Garden.

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