What I got for Chrismiss

December 23rd

It is nearly here. The orderlies tell us that we are for life, not just for Christmas, but that is the day they will dress us in our finest and put us on display. So many adults cannot have children of their own to lavish gifts upon because of the bombs. So they make a gift for themselves by visiting the orphanage and taking one of us home. Every year for five years it is the same. And every year I am left behind.

“You are not cute.” Delilah says to me. “You creep them out, talking like an adult and doodling imaginary things.”

“I will be an artist.” I say. “I will be a scholar.”

December 24th

They always give us a present, even though the only gift we really want is a real home, with real parents. This year, Miss Brown says they have something special for me. She has tears in her eyes and I cannot understand why.

December 25th

A bottle of pills. A present that I am made to eat.

December 26th

Head hurt. Can’t concenstrate.

December 27th

I have real home real parents for Chrismiss.

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