Today 5 Is Our Number

Today five is our number
Its the amount of months we’ve been together
And I know it feels like longer
But thats because we are so good for each other

Your the Up when I’m Down
Then In when I’m Out
Rope when I’m falling
And the Hoop when I’m balling

I remember the first day I met you;
I knew you were special
And when everyone else didn’t see you;
you were the only one I saw

And that was just the first month;
Things only got better as we carried on
We talked and texted on the phone almost constantly
There was rarely ever a day when I never talked to you

And then around month 3 we got closer
Talking on the phone with each other almost every night
When I first heard your voice I almost hung up
Not because it was disgusting but quite the opposite of that

I had never heard a girl with a voice like that
And when you told me you loved me I desperately wanted to say:
I love you too
But honestly I wanted to be sure that I did to avoid breaking your heart

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