Where Angel and Demon Collide

The worlds “Angel” and “Demon” now play host to a planetary collision where gods and man fear to tread.

Angel’s populace had lived a blessed life since time immemorial, but now they faced panic as the demons prepared the calamity which would forever seal their fate…

Demon had begun to enlarge in their sky. Ominous even on the brightest of days, now it loomed over the landscape, blotting out the sun for a large portion of what would normally be daylight.

They were already feeling its effects.

On a world where crime was not even imagined, there were reports of friendly conversation ending in a murder instead of a handshake. Ghostly shadows would manifest during those Nightlight hours, provoking fear and driving some to insanity.

This would be no ordinary collision of planetary bodies, for indeed these were two halves of a whole.

It would be a conjoining of the worst and best of both races. Though someday they may learn how to coexist, those alive now will likely never again know peace.

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