Broken Accord

The Arch known as Bar Gabriel stood in the shadowed room and spoke with muted vehemence.

“This is unacceptable, Dur Goldath. Accord was broken long ago. How then can you aid its fall upon us once again?”

The Kako grinned impishly, savoring the dark change in its counterpart’s demeanor.

“Come now, Gabriel,” it replied. “We both knew it would come to this. The division was never our choice. It was Angel who made that decision and wrested the power to divide a world.” The beast’s eyes flashed. “We have long waited for this. Our two worlds will be joined once more.”

“I will not allow it!” Gabriel cried. “You have no power here, Goldath. Begone!”

The Kako lunged, and Gabriel arched upward, eyes wide with shock. Dur Goldath’s blade protruded from its back. “Oh, I think you’ll find that things have changed,” Goldath hissed. The Arch breathed once more, a hiccuping sough of death, and slumped against the Kako. Goldath shoved it aside and stalked from the room into Angel’s early and devilish twilight.

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