One of Many

At the toy store, our “Mom” tells us we have 15 minutes to meet back up with our selection. We each get one toy, and if we haven’t made our decision by then, we get nothing. The only bad thing about today is that everyone gets to go. Jamie, Chris, Aaron, Leslie, Todd, Cindy, Jason, Timmy, Harry, Brock, Samantha, John, Freddy, William, and whoever else I forgot to mention. I swear, we have so many foster children with us, we’re going to leave one behind someday.

I speed off towards the action figures, so I have ample time to narrow down my wants to a single item. I hear my “brothers and sisters” arguing over their choices, and I silently laugh to myself. I make sure to browse every package, to find that perfect find. After what seems to be forever, I find what I like the best, and head back to the front. I haven’t heard my siblings in a while, but I’m not concerned, I got what I wanted.

As I head up to the front, I yell for them, but I get no response.

Oh no.




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