Come Down and Play

They used to come in droves: wizards, eager to test their magic, thieves to be tested against impossible locks and traps, clerics in company with their gods and warriors, delicious warriors, rippling with muscles, bristling with swords, their armor shiny and new.

I killed them one and all, consumed them utterly, leaving only skeletons for the spiders and rats to pick clean. Oh yes, occasionally I let one or two escape with a jewel, or a potion or even a random poke of gold coins in order to give hope to heroes and villians alike that it is possible to defeat me. And they spread word of untold riches in the depths of my habitat, for I allowed one or two of them a peek at my ultimate treasure before slaying their companions.

My hallways are deserted now though, I know not why. Spider webs and dust are my companions. Madness is come upon me, mightiest of monsters, my dungeon is silent.
My treasure remains though, untouched, untaken, and only me to guard it.

In hunger, I beseech you. Come down and play.

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