The Gargoyle and the Wraith

“So you really think war is coming Artemis?” The wraith’s red eyes were fixed on the gargoyle. The gargoyle shifted a bit.
“It is certain. The worlds of Angel and Demon will collide soon. All I can see now is war between the two worlds. Do you have any news from other parts of Demon?”
“Power struggles between Demon lords are escalating. It should keep attention away from us. You can get us to Angel, right?”
“Yes. Do not worry, I know a safe haven where we can hide.”
“Good, I don’t think it is safe for us anymore. We’ve had move three times in the last month.”
“Preparations should be complete by tomorrow. Join me at the temple then and we will leave.”
“I’ll prepare the path up here to repel any intruders as best I can, just in case were found out.”
“Good. Make sure to leave some golems in the temple. I doubt we will be received any better on Angel then we are here and it always pays to have them.”

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