Odd Couple, Damned, Cafe

The odd couple, comprised of Jack and Jill, who were eternally damned ate at Burn All Day Cafe. They sat impatiently at their booth awaiting char burgers.
“Where the Heller are my char burgers”!!! Yelled Jack in a backwards country tone to any waitress in sight but their own.
“Jack settle down or your blood will boil”, said Jill in a sternly heated tone. Time seemed to go on for an eternity and Jack and Jill were impatiently waiting restlessly for their food. Finally, their waitress staggered along and with a “Splat!,” She threw the plates of food in the faces of Jack and Jill.
“Fuck you two and burn in Heller” the waitress said in a peaceful tone. Contently, Jack and Jill ate their burgers off each-others faces then left the cafe puking and exerting extreme diarrhea.
“Ahh there aint no joint like BADC{burn in hell cafe},” Jack said happily with a sigh.
“Yep, Heller is the place to be.” Jill said with a grin ear to ear.
Jack said confused and sternly faced, “Honey, the word is Hell.”

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