Shadow Song

Llani continued in silence for some time, with no further attack on her or her mind. She sat down against a tree and spoke aloud. “Pertiné… Why did you say ’I’m Sorry’ as you died?”

A wry chuckle crossed her mind. /Isn’t it obvious by now? I’ve passed quite a curse along to you./

“Do I not now have the power to protect those dear?”

/One so young as yourself should never have been thrust into the fray. I’ve placed your life at risk./ The spoken voice heard only by Llani switched to song.

/On the rise of each new day
Afore the sun has chance to play
The Shadows’ Strength succumbs to none
As the darkest hour preceeds the dawn./

/You’re safest here in the daylight, sweet Llani. Perhaps you should rest.
When comes the night time, your skills by my guidance will be placed to test./

Despite the disturbing nature of her recent day, she felt a calming influence upon the surface of her mind guiding her to sleep.

The dreams then followed.

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