War Chorus

She dreamt of war.

Streaks of darkness shot past her: arrows fired by the foe. She witnessed her hands directing energy toward the enemy to keep them at bay.

A steady cachophonous hum emanated from the shrouded battlefield, a counter to the War Chorus chanting words of power to aid those in direct conflict.

“Pertiné, I need you to reinforce the sound-struck Second Chord!” Llani nodded and began to run. An arc of arrows aflame passed over her head toward the opposing side, fighting darkness with light. It seems the Elves showed up to combat the abomination they’d created after all.

A flick of her wrist released the ethereal bonds from the ears of the afflicted Chord, and they resumed fighting despite their dwindled numbers.

From behind her a cry went out, and she turned to see a wave of shadow looming over the front lines. It reached its peak, then crashed down…

…Llani woke with a start. Lots of questions on her mind, but first and foremost was what to do about the coming dusk.

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