Will o' the Wisp

With the old man’s final breath, a wisp of crystalline smoke rose from his lips. Llani took in a surprised gasp at the sight, then a second as the smoke disappeared into her mouth.

She vaguely recalled seeing other Ryddils arrive as she collapsed beside the old stranger. As her conciousness winked out, she heard “Isn’t this the wizard ….” But if a name was spoken, it was lost to the mists.

Llani awoke to a cool cloth dabbed on her forehead. Her mother gave a brief exclamation of joy. “You’re awake! We were so worried…” The daughter propped herself up on her elbows and blinked rapidly. “What happened? Is that old man alright?”

“No, sweetie. He’s dead… A shame, too. His kind have always protected…”

Llani put a weak hand to her forehead. She closed her eyes and felt a force moving through her she’d never felt before. The image of an exploding flowerpot flashed through her mind, then mimic’d itself in fact.

Her father swore. “Amazing! You’ve been given his gift for magic!”

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