Final Lullabye

“Time to sleep
close your eyes,
Count your sheep
nighttime flies…”

Shilah’s voice had a forced sweetness to it, and she was sure her children could detect it. Everyone was on edge since the merge began. She had managed to get them to bed down despite the fact that it was close to midday. No need for them to see too much of this calamity.

“Nothing to fear
nothing to dread
Children Dear
all snug in bed.”

She knelt between the two beds, resting her hands on her children as she continued the lullabye. At the end of her verse her head snapped sharply to attention. She rose to her feet, continuing the tune as she walked to the hearth.

“Sky above
growing dark
Mother’s love
leaves its mark.”

One ancestral dagger in each hand, she made her way back to her childrens’ room and crooned the last of the song that infiltrated her mind.

“On this night
your lives will end.”

The knives came down upon the sleeping forms..

“Mother’s plight
your side she’ll tend.”

..and Shilah joined her children in their slumber.

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