Demon's Awakening

The oncoming calamity did not solely affect Angel.

The gargoyle Artemis felt an odd stirring in his heart. His daily deeds held less of the satisfaction that they once did… What was that? Compassion? Regret? These weren’t qualities one typically spoke of on Demon.

This lead him to find a way to contact the Lords of Angel. This would be ugly, but maybe there’d be something he could do to make it less ugly than it had to be.

He found it more and more difficult to continue his normal chores, and when he was answered with the typical execution attempt for requesting leave, he fled instead of attempting to fight and usurp his overlord’s position.

A family acquaintance, the wraith Sileath, had been similarly affected by the coming change in tide and took him in until rage had subsided or been redirected. They discussed the issue at length, attempting to stay in contact with Angel as they moved from safehouse to safehouse and trying to stay one step ahead of certain death.

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