Morning Thoughts

I don’t want to leave you, feeling like this…

In your grasp, holding onto me tight, your hands around my waist, don’t let me go.

I am yours, I am your treasure, allow me to be your key, and I’ll unlock your fantasies.

Please don’t let go of me, this feeling feel so surreal.

The rays of the sun make your brown eyes sparkle.

I’m afraid of what they make think of it, of me… of me and you together.

You seem to glow in the morning light

Your breath even smells minty, how do you do that?

How long can we stay like this, frozen in time, in each other grasps

I think I love you

Don’t forget me when you leave out for the day

Your lips are so soft, you make me feel like royalty

I don’t care what your parents say

Press right there… I love it when you touch me there

You make me smile

I make you smile… kiss me

Hold me, I will protect you from them

We need to pray, the Lord will help us through this

Your going to be late for work

pause snap snap

Hello?! I said I am deeply in love with you…

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