The Wizard and the Witch

Magics clashed and the world fell away.

He saw her as she panted; hands on knees. Exhausted as well, he cringed thinking of those who had trembled before him seeing him now. They were all gone, or maybe it was he who was gone.

The wizard and the witch saw a new place all around them. A place untouched by magics. Their reign of terror and spite had overrun a world and their petty duel had brought them here.

Kingdoms toppled, kings changed into beautiful maidens, and beautiful maidens changed into livestock. Their reckless ways had been left unchecked for far too long and it was time to taste the spoiled fruits of their twisted labor.

Large green signs stood along the most elaborate path they had ever seen. To call anything else they had known a road now seemed like an epic overestimation. In an instant comprehension was theirs and they easily read Washington DC 22 miles on the nearest sign.

Eyes narrowed, grins crept, and silent understanding was theirs.

The wizard and the witch walked along the road.

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