Cool Hand Lick

Now in luxurious 3-D comes COOL HAND LICK the story of a misunderstood fetishist busted by police in the ultra conservative town of Deep South, Alabama for trying to lick the heads off parking meters.

Fresh home from the sands of Iraq, a returning war hero obsessed with licking runs afoul of the law and is sentenced to 1 year on the chain gang where he seems doomed to ride up and down the hard road with nothing to wrap his overactive tongue around except shovel and slingblade handles. Dubbed “Cool Hand Lick” by his peers, he proves his incredible abilities with a bold boast, saying, “I can lick the shells off fifty eggs!” Then he actually does just that in Deep Cinevision a 3-D process especially designed for porn!

Irrepressibly, our hero resists all efforts by “The Man” to tame his licking ways by escaping several times, the last time of which, he actually licked a full-blooded blue tick hound to death.

Don’t miss the new porn blockbuster, Cool Hand Lick starring WWE superstar John Cena!

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