A Scream in the Dark

The sounds of my own terror filled screams tore me from the grips of the dream. My heart pounding. My breath coming in loud gasping pulls. My skin and sheets soaked with sweat.

I lay in the dark relearning how to breathe. The realization that I’m safe and free washes over me in cool waves of relief. The monsters didn’t get me. I’ll live to see another day.

A smile stretches across my face. Silly thing fearing your dreams, knowing in the morning that you’ll feel stupid for ever feeling fear in the first place. Dreams can’t hurt you.

I roll over grateful that I didn’t wake my husband. I would have felt even more foolish if I’d had woken him again. Poor Guy.

The smile fades. The terror returns. Dear God. The sheets are stained dark. The fear on his face was unmistakable nor is the lack of movement in his body.

The sound of my terror filled screams echo through the room.

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