Lead the Way

The Captain put his head in his hands and leaned against the sand-table for support, anxiety wracking his thin frame. Privates standing guard shifted nervously from foot to foot, not knowing how to react to this unusual show of emotion.

“That’s it? You didn’t make contact with anyone else?” the captain whispered through his hands.

“No sir, nobody else.”

“Well thank god at least some of the regiment survived, we saw some of those…things with the 4th division’s uniforms on. I thought for a second…

“No sir, we are still at fighting strength. It would take more than a few deranged civilians to stop the 75th.”

“A few? Lieutenant don’t you think that’s and understatement? We’re talking about a full scale plague here and…

“Excuse me sir, but to us there still just civilians. We are still Rangers, no matter the odds Captain.”

“Thos things destroyed an entire division! An entire DIVISION! How could you possibly hope to…

“Rangers Lead The Way sir.”

Behind me, a warning claxon wailed to blaring life

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