555 North Avenue

I walked down the street, it was cloudy out and it smelled like autumn rain. I looked at my new tattoo, the newly shaved skin glistining with moisture. 555 North Avenue it read, the words a deep, unfaded black. I would find her there, it had taken this long but I had finally found her. Whoever had done this to me was going to pay, dearly. Suddenly pain coursed through my body and I screamed louder than I can ever remember screaming, I clutched my head. My nerves felt like molten lava as spears of light shafted painfully into my brain. I prayed for the darkness to overtake me. It did.

What the fuck? Where am I?

I looked around groggily, rubbing my head as pain still held on to my body tenaciously. People stopped and stared at me as I looked around, trying to get my bearings. I noticed marks on my arm and mistaking them for cuts, turned my arm so I could examine them better.

555 North Avenue?

Having no other clues to who I was or what I had been doing, I set off in search of North Avenue.

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