Transsexuals 2: Ready for Ballin'

Erectus Prime leads a military unit of his own AutoCocks and humans—man and machine working together for pleasure— to eliminate the Derectocons.

Sam finds a piece of the AllSpark Vibrator and inserts it, filling him with ecstasy and ancient knowledge. He then takes the AllSpark and leaves its power with his “girlfriend,” Michaela, and his trusted AutoCock, Cuminme.

At college, Sam tries to fit in with his roommate and a"girl" who is interested in him. At home, Michaela defends the AllSpark from a Derectocon, playing coy, until she submits to his evil implement.

Sam leaves college after his professor’s oral exam and calls Michaela to pick him up. Together, they flee campus only to be captured by the Derectocons—who want to extract the information from Sam’s head.

Erectus Prime arrives to engage the evil MegaHung, Grindor, and Starscream and after some rough play, loses his mojo.

By inserting the AllSpark into another, Sam revives Erectus Prime with a stroking motion. And, the planet is saved.

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