Final Options

It took them 5 minutes to tear through. Just as we heard the last piece of the barricade go, an explosion ripped through the hallway. “What the…”

Peretti tried (and failed) to look innocent. “Did I forget to mention I rigged the barricade?”

Janzen crept forward, quickly scanned the hall, then ran back, smiling. “Pieces of ghoul everywhere, sir. Hall’s collapsed at one end. It’ll only buy us a few minutes, but…”

“It’s time, I know.” I turned to Peretti. “Good work, Peretti.”

“Didn’t know you cared, sir.”

“I don’t.” My headset squawked, and it wasn’t good news. I looked at the rest. “Okay, rescue’s delayed. Harpies. We need to hold on for another 20 minutes. We’re low on ammo. Options?”

“James and I found a lot of frozen peas in the next room,” Peretti offered.

Without thinking, I said, “And that’s important because…?” Too late.

“Well, all we are saying is give peas a chance.”

Accidental misfire. That’s what I claimed at the court martial. Would’ve worked, too, if I hadn’t changed clips. Twice.

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