Let Down the Final Wall

“Aaah!” she screeched, turning sideways, crossing her legs, her arms doing little to cover her ample cleavage. The shower had masked the sound of his approach, and in rinsing her hair, she’d closed her eyes, missing his shadow cross the curtain before he boldly entered.

“Don’t you trust me?” his eyes looked disappointed.

She considered this. To trust someone you needed to not fear. Fear comes from a desire to live. If he were going to kill her, he’d have done it long ago. She didn’t need to fear, she needed to let go of her modesty and trust.

“Checkmate,” she declared, lowering her arms and standing straighter. “You are right. You win.” It felt good to let down the final wall. Why did she ever put it up to begin with?

He stepped forward and embraced her. Nothing was between them now. They had found the ultimate peace in the warmth of each other’s arms. Even their souls embraced. He’d crossed the final barrier into her heart.

“We need to talk,” he solemnly stated.
She nodded and shut off the shower.

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