The Final Verse

A tale had been told since the dawn of time of the song that began the world:

“That wondrous hymn,
that heavenly chant
which caused all being to be.

On the end of days,
so the tale says,
another song will end Sky, Land and Sea."

Armed with this bit of rhyme, I headed through the Hearthland jungles to find the origin of this tale and perhaps learn that secret Verse. Everyone knew the First since it was sung as a morning prayer. It’s lost its power as time went on though, and now only serves as a daily blessing rather than speaking a world into existence.

After months of searching, I found a small hut with a single gentleman inside. He certainly LOOKED old enough to have heard that first Verse long ago.

The Sage answered none of my queries, and only gestured at writing on the hut’s walls.

I pored over the characters for hours. They told precisely when the Final Verse was to be performed. Finally, just as I concluded some mental arithmetic, the answer was granted as the Sage lifted his voice in song.

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