Born of the Snow's Crystal

Anati pulled the collar up closer around her neck in a feeble attempt to restrict the last of her body heat from escaping her coat. It’d been blind luck that lead her to this cave in the middle of a storm.

Escaping the whispers of the snowbound wind conspiring outside the cave, Anati ventured in slightly farther. As her eyes adjusted to the dark, her jaw dropped in awe and she quickly forgot the storm outside. There were wild animals of all sorts frozen into the ice of the cave’s wall. An ocelot… Some sort of ape… None native to this region.

She came to an empty cell and placed a hand against the icy wall. It seemed to give around her touch, then abruptly swallowed her hand. With a shriek and a futile pull back, Anati noticed that where her hand should be inside the cage, it had the appearance of a white wingtip.

The process continued despite the poor girl’s best efforts, drawing her bit by bit into a crystalline prison.

After a short time, Anati joined the frozen menagerie as a graceful white swan.

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