Mission Improbable- 1

After working at the CIA for almost a month, Lucy Dawson thought that she was used to intimidating buildings. As she rose out of the yellow NYC taxi and faced the Hotel D’Envie, however, Lucy decided that a walk through CIA headquarters was much less scary than a walk through the five star hotel’s lobby. At least, while she was carrying a metal briefcase containing something extremely important that was soon to be swapped with an identical briefcase containing something else equally important.

Lucy took a deep breath, paid the cabbie, tightened her grip on the briefcase, and marched into the hotel. Her mission was simple: walk into the hotel, get through the lobby and to a quiet place without being noticed, and call her liaison back at headquarters for further instructions. It was a tiny, insignificant mission, easily executed by any of the CIA’s seasoned field agents- but Lucy had only been made a field agent last week, so understandably she was a little nervous.

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