Mission Improbable- 3

“Ok. You are in the hotel, correct?”


“Good. Now, you contact is wearing purple socks and carrying an identical briefcase. He is at a private party there at the hotel. You need to make the swap before nine or it’s off. Got it?”


“Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You’re meeting a contact who will take you up to the party and-“ Brian’s calm voice suddenly cut off.

“Brian?” Lucy said. “And what?” No answer came. She frowned and took the phone off of her ear to look at it. A gasp escaped her mouth as she saw that the screen was speckled with dead pixels and the keyboard lights had gone out. Lucy turned it over and her heart fell as she saw a few drops of water still lingering around the cracks in the back panel. She pried it off and saw a completely fried battery.

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