You showed me how it could be done:
one little kink in the paper strip & suddenly
there was no inside,
or outside, no up or down,
just one continuous surface no one could fall off of.
You Moebius -stripped my world,
your wristed twist
throwing new shadows all over me
as we undressed us
and passed into the future from our pasts.
It has no knot, a Moebius strip,
so you invented those too, & drew
them tight around me
sliding over my sheets (bend), spending a double coin
not for me but on me, your coins spilt golden on me.
You showed me how two kinked strips interlinked
could magic up some romance,
if only they split themselves completely in two
to stay together
& there was the lesson for me, if I had only seen it:
to keep together, we need to lose
our other half.
No surprise to some, then, how quick t’were done:
untangled, untwisted, unlinked
all our precious nots undone:
and now I am alone again,
flat as before, my insides outside
outsides in
& my own edge looming so close
that I will surely fall

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