As I lay in the blood stained catacombs of my mind, I entered a state of sheer peacefulness. I felt alone; my once thriving world had been silenced by a simple ‘mishap’. But despite my pain I found happiness amongst this desolation. Where? I searched and searched but there was nothing but emptiness.

I felt…disappointed, maybe. I think I died but I simply stayed there paralysed in my thoughts. I still can’t tell you exactly why I was happy. I just accepted the fact. Thinking back, it was entirely rational to feel scared and angry and almost every other negative emotion. Maybe my viewpoint is different now.

I managed to find the energy to open up one final memory, and as I gazed into her glowing eyes for one last time, I fell deeply asleep and started to dream. Turns out death isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. Maybe it’s now that I’m truly awake.

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