Jason was alone. And sad! Sad and alone. It was midnight and he was sitting on a small hillock near a silky pond in which the reflections of the stars glittered like jewels on a very expensive evening gown.

Things did not turn out the way he planned when he had locked himself in his battlemech suit and started on his quest. He had built it himself and it looked almost like the polished mecha of BattleTech.

He sobbed and at first did not notice the unicorn at the waters edge. It was shimmery white and it’s horn glowed metallic pink. I’m dreaming he thought and tried to rub his eyes. The suit responded immediately and the iron fist clanked against the video camera in the suit’s head. White static filled one of the screens. damn Jason shut it off.

The unicorn turned and slowly approached. >evening< said the voice in Jason’s head >why so sad?< Jason was still explaining when the suit exploded into tiny fragments that hung suspended in the air. He fell and when he looked up the unicorn had disappeared.

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