As promised, darkness swept over the room as he appeared. He’d said every human in the room but me would die, so that we could be alone. So I was ready. I was in an abandoned location.

Well…we finally meet in the flesh. His sinister voice resonated in my mind. I see you prepared yourself for my arrival. Very wise.

“You’ve come.”

You seem surprised. I warned you remember?

I stared blankly at the face before me. His short, deep black hair. His rich burgundy eyes with a blood red toward the pupil. His emotionless expression. His long, Gothic trench coat touching the floor. Exactly as he’d described himself to me only a year before.

You know why I’m here, so let us get to the point. You are in my domain now, and the game shall commence shortly. He snapped his fingers. Here is the bargaining chip.

I watched as I saw her slowly fade into existence within this dark realm. Her eyes flicked to mine longingly, as mine flicked to the Demon’s.

“Get ready, Demon. I’m better than you think I am.”

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