Every time that -
I walk through the door,
Can’t wait to see your face -
Though it leaves me wantin’ more.

But all I can do,
Is smile and wave,
Cuz I have a boy waitin’,
So I better behave.

It tears me to pieces,
Every time that you smile,
Cuz I know I gotta leave -
I’ve been here a while.

I pick my stuff up,
And as I walk to the door,
I call back “Bye, see ya ’round”,
Cuz it ain’t like have’nt been here before.

You’ll see me inna day -
Definitely less than a week,
I find excuses to come by,
Hey, I’m a coffee freak.

As I walk to my car,
Gum, Coffee in my hand,
I can’t help but giggle,
Cuz I like you, and you understand.

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