What a useless invention!

To Thomas, it looked like some kind of squat rocket, but without a nose. A computer screen, relatively tiny, adorned the front, along with a small black keyboard.
“What is it?”
“A Changer!” squealed his always eccentric friend, Dr. Kook.
Thomas had never asked what the doctor’s PHD had concerned.
“What’s a Changer, doc?”
Kook’s eyes gleamed, and his mouth curled into a devilish grin.
“You type something into the screen at the front, and the machine changes it.”
“When you say ‘something’, you mean…?”
“Absolutely anything at all. You could type anything and it would be changed!”
Thomas had started scratching his head.
“What does it get changed into?”
“That’s the interesting part. It’s impossible to tell. You can define absolutely any input you desire, but the output is completely random. Quite uncontrollable!”
“So you put something into the tank, and…?”
“No need, my dear boy! It works from any distance. You type something in, and with enough specificity, the machine will find it, and change it!”

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