On Edge

I felt the eyes boring in to the side of my head, trying to decide how confident I really was, but I’d already moved to look upon her again, mixing my emotions so that it was almost impossible for him to tell.

Just think, this is what you’re playing to save. He gestured towards her. I’m hoping you put up more of a fight than my last…opponent.

“Stop wasting my time, I want to get this over with.” I tried to sound a little cocky, but I think my nerves had started to show through. He raised his right eyebrow.

Do you fear death, human?

“No.” I wasn’t lying.

Then what are you afraid of right now?

I was right, he’d noticed how on edge I was. I wasn’t scared of dying. But I wasn’t about to let him in on this weakness. Not if he hadn’t yet found out for himself. So I stayed silent.

I see how it is. Fine then, let the games begin. He let out a small, devilish chuckle at the end of the sentence.

Another snap of his fingers and black and white squares materialised between us. The time had come.

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