The Blacksmith's Auto-Biography Part I

Steven Ross Smith (3rd Sept 1989 – 19th July 5049) was an actor turned time-traveller/hockey player. He lost his twelth eye during the Great Boobagilon War of 3073, but gained a thirteenth when he was respawned from the null-void of existence when he accidentally burped the sixth dimension into being. He’s regretted it since.


Early Years

Not much to say really. Found a Flux capacitor inside a Kinder Egg in August of 2010.

Flux Manipulation Years

During the years of 2010 and 3729 (and leaping back once again to 2230 just to watch the Winter Olympics on Mars) he created the Flux Aeon Retribution Tribunal (F.A.R.T). F.A.R.T’s members included Musician James Brown, Ex-President Bill Clinton and John Barrowman. George Takei left due to tax problems.

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