The Blacksmith's Auto-Biography Part II

In 3214 when Megazorbtakelei XII declared war on Croyden, F.A.R.T was sent to eradicate the problem. Unfortunately they got the wrong address and only ended up at the local Pizza Hut and ordered a Pinnaple and Ham pizza. Pinnaples had been extinct for 17 seconds at the time.

Nothing much happened after that, except when John Barrowman destroyed London by accident when he miscalculated a curve ball while playing Six Dimension Baseball.

Banishment of F.A.R.T

F.A.R.T was banished from Universe 12, sub section 13, paragraph III when they accidentally sold Class ZX drugs to minor tadpole species causing them to become Grade A super-beings, wiping out 56 Class B planets.


Well, he aint actually dead. He escaped into the past and became his own great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather when he was killed with a Belluvian Waffle gun. Those things are nasty.

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