I made my way out of the cell, still in my white hospital robe. There was lots of yelling and screaming going on, but none of it appeared to be directed at me.

“Vy zashchishcheny. Pozhaluĭsta, uspokoĭtes’.”

Another reassurance amidst the chaos as I exited the complex. The phenomena did not appear to be confined anymore. Everywhere I went, people were being suddenly swallowed up by the earth or a nearby wall.

I couldn’t help but notice that the faces had begun close to me, but as more souls were claimed, they manifested farther and farther away. Were these abominations an amplified creation of my own mind? How much stronger would they become?

Fear began to grip me, but I forced myself to remain calm as I was instructed. I was protected from the hungry world, but how could I protect the world from myself? With a strange sort of serentiy, I attempted to throw myself off of a parking structure… Only to be swallowed and deposited safely on the ground.

“Usted protegido. Por favor, mantenga la calma.”

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