Please Remain Calm

Fed by my suppressed fear, the plague spread.

I found a newly vacated hotel lobby with a giant TV and sat down in one of the chairs to watch the news coverage. CNN, BBC, al-Jazeera… It was planetary by now. On some occasions, the reporter would disappear right on screen as she was giving the report. Dropped cameras continued to film the removal of humanity from planet Earth.

None of it was traced back to me.

Within hours, there would be no one left to trace it back.

I was truly alone on the planet. Part of me was pleased with this revelation, while another part recoiled. As this internal debate commenced, I heard that damned ethereal voice once more:

“Your protection is no longer necessary. Please remain calm.”

The sudden appearance of a face in the plush carpet beneath my feet left me no time to question or disobey the order before I became the last victim of the horror borne from my own mind.

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