Quality Control

The church foyer bustled with activity as another customer stepped into the confession booth. The frail Italian women muttered religous phrases under her breath and crossed herself as she started naming her sins. It was more of a habit now, she really didn’t need the confession but decided it would be a good idea all the same. The priest absolved her of her sins and blessed her; she smiled as she stood up to leave, feeling fresh again. It was at that moment a carefully concealed buzzsaw pumped out of the confessional and decapitated her cleanly before she even knew what was happening.

Her small corpse seemed even smaller without a head as she tumbled through a hole in the floor and onto a conveyor belt. A reptilian creature rubbed out his cigar and sniffed over the small Italian corpse. A look of disgust crossed his face as he swept the old woman’s body off to the side and down another chute, the woman’s body disappearing rapidly.
He couldn’t let stale meat like that through, they had a reputation to uphold.

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