The New Black

“My God, Jen… I’ve never seen anything like it!” Lexi’s eyes boggled at the new shirt her roommate was sporting. It was black. Not just black like what you find at Hot Topic, but it actually looked like light was having a difficult time with the fabric.

Jen twirled. “I just found it on the floor of the closet. Must’ve been left here by the last students in the dorm or something. Fits perfectly!”

“It’s almost spooky… You should go take a look at yourself in the mirror.”

Five minutes later, Lexi realised that she hadn’t heard a peep from her roommate since she’d left for the bathroom. She peeked in the open doorway. “Jen? You still in here?”

On the floor before the mirror lay the shirt, with Jen nowhere in sight. A strange compulsion drew Lexi to pick up the shirt and try it on for herself. It fit perfectly just as Jen had said, but as she turned to view her image in the mirror, the darkness swelled from the shirt and engulfed her.

The now-empty garment fell to the tiled floor.

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