"Hello, My Bunnies!"

“OH, I’m a Padarmic Suskaflee
I barely come up to anyone’s knee
Nobody knows what it’s s’posed to BEEEEEEE
But I’m a Padarmic Suskaflee!”

He had the demeanor of a child initially, but there was something else going on behind those darkened eyes. The look of glee at his ditty was quite apparent and a bit of counterpoint to the bone necklace draped about his neck.

Padarmic was a Voodoun priest in training under his sister Riskardoo. Today, though, he would whet his whistle amongst the commoners of the village in the local watering hole.

“Hello, my bunnies! What will we have today?” He grinned widely at a nearby female patron as his drink arrived and began a spirited conversation about the merits of fluffy tails and long ears. He paused briefly to mutter something into his drink, stirring it with his finger as he did so.

A brief shimmer later, he picked up the kind little brown rabbit from the seat beside him and left the tavern, thanking the other bunnies for a chance to practice.

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