Gradually, a thick smoke rose and engulfed the playing field, severing the line of sight between the Demon and I. When it eventually cleared, hideous black and white creatures occupied the squares that were now below us.

You play using the white pieces, I play using black. Make your first move.

I looked around. “Where is she?”

He looked down and I followed his gaze…and there, standing exactly where the King piece would be, was—

There she is, now make your first move before I become too impatient.

And so, for what seemed likes days, though there was no real time in this void, we commanded our respective demon ‘chess pieces’ to war against each other. My opponent preferred the strong, straight up attack style, while I kept to a more tactical and thought out approach. I’d had a lot of time to think about this day, so I had used it constructively to practice and hone my skills. However, despite my best efforts, the Demon never seemed phased…


…because all he did was laugh.

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